For Your First Steps Together


"When this Texas boy decided to marry a California girl last year, the only condition was that she learn to waltz and two-step. I forget how we found Andrea and Wedding Dance Houston, but it was the best pre-wedding decision we made. We signed up for lessons but ended up with a perfectly choreographed routine--and not a dry eye in the reception hall. We still find ourselves giving it a try every now and then, which is great for our relationship. If you're reading this now, you're considering lessons--don't think twice about it. If I had the entire wedding to do over, this is the only thing I can say I absolutely wouldn't change." - Matt & Mindy, 5/17/2003

"The first dance went great! People were very impressed and we had a good time. I was so happy that we were able to take the lessons. Thanks again for all your help." - Reena & Srini, 8/30/03

"Our first dance was a complete hit with everyone. Thank you for putting together a dance that we will never forget." - Natalie & Ryan, 11/15/03

"We have to tell you thanks and thanks again. Our wedding was so much fun and our first dance kicked it off for everyone. Our families so enjoyed seeing us dance." - Annamarie & Billy, 11/29/03

"Thank you for sharing your talent with us. You are an excellent instructor. We enjoyed learning from you and appreciate how sweet and encouraging you've been." - Elizabeth & Greg, 2/14/04

"I just wanted you to know that our first dance was perfect! . . . Everyone started clapping when he twirled me and kept clapping through the rest of the song. It was really sweet and such a good moment. Thank you so much for your help - I'll always remember that first dance with such clarity." - Jamie & James, 3/6/04

"The first dance went well. The guests were thrilled by the entertainment. Thanks for everything." - Brandi & Bryan, 12/6/06

"Their dance was the highlight of the reception!" - Toni Meason, Mother of the Bride, 5/10/08

"Vincent and I want to thank you both for working with us on our first dance! It went really well. No one tripped or fell! We were a bit worried about my gown at the beginning, but the dance was a hit and everyone thought we pulled it off very well! As we told Nick at the end of our lesson, we put Wedding Dance Houston on our programs to let people know the vendors and businesses that we have worked with, and we would certainly recommend you guys to anyone that we know who would want to take lessons for their first dance!" - Tracy & Vincent, 10/23/2010

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for being an amazing Dance Teacher!! Our first dance was a major success at the wedding and everyone was very impressed. We made a couple of little mistakes but we had so much fun, and i think that's the main thing. Thank you again!! Claire and Marty, 2013

Andrea is FABULOUS. In a few sessions she literally removed my "third foot." The Dance with my daughter was spectacular, Andrea connected with us and we followed her instructions and WE DANCED LIKE NEVER BEFORE. Andrea was very professional, always on time and made the classes fun. Maribel and I are so thankful for finding such a GEM. - Victor and Maribel, 9/29/2018

Neither one of us can dance, so we knew when it came to our first dance, we were going to be in big trouble! My husband insisted on taking dance classes, and we are so glad we did with Catherine Polk! All our guests were so impressed with our moves. Our dance was full of dips, twirls, and even a trust fall! Catherine was very flexible and practical with us. She knew we wanted to incorporate Bollywood steps into our dance and helped us do that. She worked with us in editing the final song so it could contain an american song to start with and a bollywood song to finish with. Thank you for helping our first dance be absolutely magical and perfect! - Jaydip and Shrina, 8/4/2018

Emelia and I have been talking about the various people who have helped so much the last year and made the wedding planning such a fun and easy time for us. They've done so much for us... Andrea took all of the intimidation out of the dancing and made it fun. (And she didn't make fun of us!!) - The Forbau Family, 6/22/2019